Techniques Jet Fluide et Usinage



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Publications scientifiques

Surface oxidation and phase transformation of the stainless steel by hybrid laser-waterjet impact

L Weiss, M Aillerie, A Tazibt and A Tidu

Water density and polarizability deduced from the refractive index determined by interferometric measurements up to 250 MPa

Journal of chemical physics

L. Weiss, A. Tazibt, A. Tidu, and M. Aillerie

Prediction of abrasive particle velocity in a high pressure water jet and effect of air on acceleration process

A. Tazibt, N. Abriak, F. Parsy

Theoretical analysis of the particle acceleration process in abrasive water jet cutting

A. Tazibt, F. Parsy, N. Abriak

Procédé propre par jet d’azote liquide sous très hautes pressions

Revue environnement et techniques

A. Tazibt, P. Brenot, A. Bastien

Traitement de surface par jet d'azote supercritique : Application aux textiles biomédicaux


Khalsi, Y., Khoffi, F., Chevrier, J., Kerdjoudj, H., Tazibt, A., & Heim, F.